The Contestants

Squire of Light

Squire of Light is a short distance ranged hero. By utilizing the powers of the sun, he combines great defensive skills with powerful AOE abilities. You choose whether you want to take him in the direction of a powerful defender or an all-in offensive champion.


Lightbeam: A powerful ray of light that grows more and more powerful the longer you maintain it, until it shoots a very powerful burst that knocks down anyone. Be careful though! Channeling all that energy into the ray slows down the feet.

Overcharge: Creates a powerful sunblast in a radius around Squire of light. It deals damage and knockback all enemies within range.

Guardian Light: Makes Squire of Light invulnerable for a short amount of time.

Speed of light (passive): Whenever you are attacked, gain a bonus for movement speed.


Alien beast, apex predator and complete annihilist! Ravager is always hungry and has four viciously clawed arms to gently relocate parts of your anatomy to its tummy. It has long since mastered the food chain - now it's here to master the arena.


Claw Strike: Rip through enemies with your vicious claws and build frenzy to charge your other abilities.

Leap: Leap huge distance, hitting the first enemy in your path for massive damage if you have built up your frenzy.

Strafe: In the blink of an eye, you launch out of the way or through a crowd of unfortunate enemies. Building up your frenzy lets you quickly strafe through enemies again, and again and again, until your feast is nice and dead.

Enrage: Activate to increase attackspeed for a short duration. Movement penalty when attacking is removed. Cooldown is reduced when frenzy is gained.


Volco is a big brute and the signature melee hero of the game. He carries around a big hammer, and smashes everything in his way. Although he starts out as a melee champion, who says you can’t make a ranged build?

Lava Strike (AKA Hammer of Destruction): Charge up your hammer and swing at a cluster of enemies: The longer you charge, the harder it hits!

Volcanic Strike: Make the ground erupt underneath the feet of your enemies. Spikes pop out of the ground to deal damage and knockback in a long straight line. Sometimes to infinity (and beyond)!

Magma Shield: Gain a shield that protects you from enemies until its hit. Then it explodes…

Flamenado: Volco in a roundabout! Spin around dealing violent damage, while gaining the ability to phase right through enemies.


Stormbringer is the signature ranged hero of the game. He is also a bit cocky, because he thinks he can dodge everything. Whether that's fact or fiction is up to you.


Storm bow: Slow your movement as you draw for the perfect bow shot. The longer you draw, the greater the range and damage.

Chain lightning: You guessed it! Shoot a bolt of lightning that jumps from enemy to enemy, frying enemies one at a time since 2013.

Force barrier: Being a ranged hero is no fun if you get swarmed. Fear no more! Use Force Barrier to knockback enemies around you, and stand in a safe bubble for a short duration while sniping everything around you!

Stormy: Your little helper. Stormy is a cloud that's always looking to give your enemies a rainy day. Watch out for Stormy’s mom by the way.


Jahun the Earth Elemental


Missile Tank

Dragon Whelp


Brutus the Man'Gar

Xiao Long


The Mana Puff